What are private lessons?

A private lesson is a weekly one-on-one instrument specific lesson that is taught by an expert on that instrument. We use local musicians that are professionally trained on their instrument and are vetted through ECISD. A standard lesson is 30 minutes long, however the teacher may be able to provide longer lessons at request.

How much are private lessons?

The cost for a private lesson is $20 ($80 a month). If finances are an issue, some of the lesson teachers offer dual lessons ($10 each). Dual lessons are shared with another student of a similar skill level.

Money is paid directly to the private lesson teacher. The band does not handle any private lesson money.

Private lessons are a weekly commitment. For many private teachers, this is their main source of income. It is important that the teachers are paid in a timely manner.

Why should my child take private lessons?

Private lessons provide one-on-one personal attention to improve students at the fastest rate possible. In lessons, the student is often able to move at a faster pace than we are able to in class. The lesson teacher will be able to address issues that may be missed in a larger class setting.

The majority of students who make All-Region, All-City, and All-State take private lessons.

Please understand that band is an investment. It is an investment of money, time, and hard work. Most of you have already spent $500-$2000 on an instrument. Taking private lessons will help ensure your student’s success and in turn will improve their overall experience in band.